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My Application

By submitting this form, I attest to the facts of this document and I agree to the terms and conditions as stated:

I understand that as an Independent Contractor, I am required to comply with all State and federal laws. In addition, I understand I am required by the Los Angeles Football Officials Associaton (LAFOA) to provide proof of Liability Insurance as a condition of membership. Liability insurance is NOT included in LAFOA membership fees, but proof of liability insurance must be provided prior to reciving any LAFOA game assignments.

I understand that as an active member of the LAFOA, in good standing, that I am ONLY guaranteed instructional materials and instruction and that I am NOT guaranteed game assignments.

I understand that the LAFOA is NOT responsible for my health (before, during, or after the football season) and it is my responsibility to get a physical or medical evaluation as it relates to the level of physical activity for a high level, fast-paced basketball game.

Acknowledgment Notice for Terms and Conditions

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